Limiter from profisional circuit design curse

current limiter circuit Rcl between BJT base and its emitter
increase the current flow of regulator by add transisotr
foldback to protect circuit from over current
isc = current in short circuit
imax=max current can flow
voltage regulator + current limiter
more flow current not recommended to use left top schematic because some transistors have hfe and voltage drop more than another one from same mode that mean it can flow more current so its heated faster and pass more current(thermal runaway) so you prefer to add resistor at emitter to keep all transistors passes current evenly and you can add limiter to protect it
parallel mosfets for share current only work with switch mode (cutoff or saturation)
at active linear region you should to add resistor after source … and you can add transistor and resistor for current limiter ….
lm317 schematic it is too similar to figure 3 … and over temp and over current protection is actually like current limiter and foldback blocks
constant current load