circuit design notes

Voltage limiter with ic source

inrush current protector to protect capacitor from fast charging and let mosfets work as soft start + polarity protection in the same schematic

charge pump circuit or bootstrap (diodes + capacitors+ pwm signal)

gate voltage protection

some ics need minimum output current or continious conduction mode

used with ic if it work with minimum output current or work with continious conduction mode
discontiniuos conduction mode mod some ic struggling with it so you should to put ic in continous mode

multi sources diodes

hystarisis comparator

put capacitors with voltage divider

voltage regulator ic vs voltage reference ic

before any ic source we put capacitors for decobling and some times we need more than one parallel capacitor for lower esr and more smoothing


  • The concept of circuit loading
  • The emitter-follower circuit
  • Calculation of the effective (load) input impedance Zin in the emitter-follower circuit
  • Calculation of the effective (source) output impedance Zout in the emitter-follower circuit
  • An alternative derivation of the output and input impedances.
  • Making stiffer sources: Emitter follower
  • Biasing the emitter follower
  • The input impedance of the emitter-follower circuit
  • The output impedance of the emitter-follower circuit
  • Matching impedance: measuring the 50 ohm output impedance.

pdf file

input impedance

output impedance